Edward Hersey

<br>Distant Church (Original Oil)<br>16 x 20 inches (Image Only)<br>£2250.00<br>The Lost Barn (Original Oil)<br>18 x 24 inches (Image Only)<br>£3695<br>The Old Pathway (Original Oil)<br>18 x 24 inches (Image Only)<br>£3695

Edward Hersey, born 1948 in Surrey, England. Throughout history we have admired and coveted the fine work of our world-renowned landscape and countryside artists, who have accurately recorded the many and varied subjects of our beautiful heritage.

Edward Hersey has, in the last decade, established himself as the foremost artist in every field. His meticulous attention to detail and rare ability to capture his audience with his fabulous record of mood and lighting elevate him into a league of few.

Hersey’s formative years were spent living in Southern England, with its rich and varied landscape and abundant farm buildings, together with resident life stock.

New and interesting subjects encourage him to travel extensively throughout the U.K. to record the style and variation in farm buildings, the source of much exquisite major works.

Demand by collectors for Hersey’s fine work is such, that there is invariably a long list of commissions outstanding by leading galleries who handle his work.

Edward Hersey now lives and works in the heart of the West Country – in his studio/home of a converted flint and brick barn – a fitting environment for such an artist.